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Flow&Go Movement & Wellness

Offering Live Online Pilates-based movement classes & holistic workshops.

We run live, online pilates-based movement classes for women of all ages. We are passionate about women's health and wellbeing & create classes to meet the specific needs of our amazing, unique bodies! Our classes help improve core strength, flexibility, tone & posture and reduce stiffness, tension & injury. Our Flow&Go philosophy is to promote a life of balance, living lives not only on the go, doing & achieving but equally to flow, just being and taking time to relax & enjoy life too.



Our bespoke range of pilates-based movement classes designed to improve core strength, flexibility & fitness while reducing tension, stiffness & injury.

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CORE flow

Our core foundation class with all the essential matwork exercises, lots of variations & teacher's cueing.


Using light hand weights & combining pilates with functional movement , this H.I.P light class  (High Intensity Power) gives you that feel good factor!

CHILL flow

Slower paced class combining movement, mindfulness & myo-fascial release to relax & release tension from the body & mind.

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More challenging class using small equipment like hand weights & resistance bands with some intermediate level exercises.

PURE flow

A shorter, flowing class moving through the matwork exercises and variations

FLOW&GO workshops & retreats

Workshops & retreats coming soon!


Weekly Timetable

Please contact us if you need advice regarding our classes. We are looking to add more sessions to the timetable
this year.

9.30 a.m - 10.30 a.m


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

9.30 a.m - 10.30 a.m


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

9.30 a.m - 10.30 a.m 


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

All classes delivered online via Zoom




2 WEEK PASS - £14.99


About Us

We are a group of caring, experienced teachers who are passionate about mindful movement & holistic wellbeing! We are dedicated to helping people move well & feel great. Some of us are also coaches, mothers, wives and sisters with alot of life experience too.

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