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We run pilates, yoga and wellness classes for people of all ages, who care about their wellbeing. We create a warm, relaxed environment where clients learn to move well & be more mindful. Our experienced teachers are very caring and can adapt exercises for each person's needs. We keep our classes small so we get to know our clients & assist each person on their wellness journey. 


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What We Provide

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Our pilates classes are all about mindful, functional movement that teach you to move well in your daily life!  Pilates helps to build your core strength & flexibility, improves posture & body awareness. The focus on breathing calms & relaxes the body & mind.  We will advise you on the best classes for you!


Yoga classes focus on stretching and opening the body through increased awareness and breath practice. Regular Yoga practice can improve flexibility , posture & muscle tone & increase overall inner peace & wellbeing. It is a perfect compliment to Pilates & many of our clients combine both practices.

wellness workshops

We run various holistic workshops throughout the year, promoting mindful movement & wellbeing. We often combine pilates & yoga with mindful meditation , breath work & trigger point release. They can be a great introduction to our classes & teachers and a way to add some extra self care into your life!




We want you to experience how great our classes are, so for your first 30 days, we give you up to 10 classes for only £45 ( new clients only)  ! Please purchase by clicking the link


Weekly Timetable


Please contact us if you need advice regarding our classes. We are looking to add more sessions to the timetable
this year and we also offer private 1:1 & 2:1 private sessions.

9.15 a.m - 10.15 a.m
6.15 p.m - 7.15 p.m


Mixed Ability Classes suitable for beginners & those with some pilates experience

9.30 a.m - 10.30 a.m
7 p.m - 8 p.m


Low intermediate pilates classes suitable for those with experience or a good level of health & fitness.

9.15 a.m - 10.15 a.m 
10.20 a.m - 11.20 a.m


Mixed ability pilates class at 9.15 a.m followed by a Yoga class suitable for all abilities.

All classes are held in Hartford venues, within 5  minutes drive of each other.


About Us

We are a group of caring teachers who are passionate about mindful movement & wellbeing! We are dedicated to helping people move well & feel great so they can live the life they truly want. Our classes are small so we can get to know our clients, supporting & helping each person in their wellness journey. We offer weekly Pilates & yoga classes for all abilities & also run wellness workshops during the year. We have morning & evening classes running in our three venues, all within 5 minutes drive of Hartford.

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